2014 Ice Fishing Wrap-Up

IMG_0687Today marks the end of the ice fishing season on most waters in northern Maine, and the end of another season of winter creel survey for regional biologists.

This year we focused efforts on Long Lake, Beau and Glazier lakes, and smaller waters in the Houlton area.

Anglers took advantage of late season fishIMG_0684ing on Beau and Glazier lakes Saturday.  These waters usually don’t see much fishing pressure early in the season due to ice conditions, but the fishing tends to pick up later.

Beautiful weather on Saturday made for a great day to be out on the ice.

IMG_0701Folks targeting muskies on Glazier had pretty slow fishing over the weekend, but Beau continued to produce some nice togue and the occasional salmon.

Lakes in the Houlton area saw very few anglers over the weekend, with most effort related to folks getting their ice shacks off the lakes.  Drews and Nickerson lakes close to fishing on March 31st, while Cochrane, Spaulding and Hodgdon Mill Pond remain open to ice fishing in April.IMG_0655

Long Lake produced a number of large salmon again this winter, with several fish topping the 6 pound mark.  Further analysis of data collected this winter will help us determine future management direction on Long.

All in all, the winter of 2014 was a roller coaster season for ice anglers.  Poor ice conditions and heavy snow early in the season, followed by long periods of bitter cold weather made it tough for folks to get out.  Still, those die hard anglers who got out on the ice had some memorable experiences.

And now…..the long, slow wait for open water begins!IMG_0620


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